Exploring the Functions of NK Cells in Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Natural Killer (NK) cells are the innate immune system’s first and best defense against infections. Unlike cytotoxic T cells in the adaptive immune system that require genetic matching with the target cell, NK cells are pre-programmed with cytotoxic granules that can kill any type of infected target cell. The ability to rapidly respond to an […]

The Guide to Platelet-Derived Growth Factors

Growth factors are essential to immune system research as the mechanism through which we replicate and understand cell proliferation, differentiation, and growth in vitro. There are many growth factors from which to choose for in vitro research, but selecting the right growth factor is not always a clear decision. A Focus on Platelet-Derived Growth Factors […]

Use of Nitric Oxide to Characterize Macrophages and Dendritic Cells

Macrophages and myeloid dendritic cells can be proinflammatory or express suppressive, anti-inflammatory characteristics. One characteristic that is part of the proinflammatory phenotype is the expression of inducible nitric oxide synthetase (iNOS), which can be evaluated by measuring production of nitric oxide using our all-inclusive Nitric Oxide Assay Kit.   This easy-to-use NO Kit can give […]

How to Choose Between Serum and Plasma for Biomarker Testing

Many researchers are left wondering which sample type to use when testing biomarkers: serum or plasma? Serum and plasma are not the same and are not always interchangeable. Once you understand the differences between the two, you can better judge which is the best fit for your experiments. But even experienced scientists who know the […]

Everything You Need to Prepare Tissue Samples in One Kit

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more efficient in the lab, we’ve got exactly what you need to stick to your promises. Introducing our Tissue Digestion Kit! Our newest assay kit contains the key materials you need to prepare 10 tissue samples, including optimized assay buffer, instructions, and expected results. The only things […]

New Evidence of Oxidative Burst in Neutrophils

Neutrophils are known for the oxidative burst released during phagocytosis, which demonstrates the intracellular killing mechanism that is key to the function of the immune system. Until now, we were not able to demonstrate this oxidative burst in our cryopreserved neutrophil products even though we knew they were capable of phagocytosis. Improved Isolation Methods Our […]

Vote for the Next Astarte Immune Cell Product!

Our new product pipeline has always been driven by customer demand. Now we’re giving you the chance to recommend our next new product! Is there an immune cell product that would make your job easier? One that would vastly improve or expand your research capabilities? Something that you’ve never been able to find? Let us […]

A Simpler Way to Measure Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide (NO) was the first gas shown to impact normal bodily functions, including the immune system, earning it the Science Molecule of the Year award in 1992. In addition to the immune system, small amounts of NO in the body have also demonstrated effects on blood pressure, long-term memory, the nervous system, and several […]