Using PBMC as a Quality Control for Flow Cytometry

Our cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells are a great tool for flow cytometry assays. Whether you want to confirm your antibodies are working properly or measure for consistency, our PBMC are the tools you need for quality control.  Using PBMC to Test Antibodies Sometimes you might not be sure if your chosen reagent is correctly […]

How to Differentiate Monocytes into Osteoclasts

Our contract immunology research team is always looking for a new challenge. So when a customer proposed a project that involved differentiating monocytes into osteoclasts, we said, “Why not!” Fun in the Lab with Monocytes Osteoclasts are macrophages found in bone and are highly specialized myeloid cells that break down and resorb bone tissue, important […]

Cells in Motion: Recent Research Using Astarte Cells

Our customers have recently published some exciting research in leading publications. Check out the latest 2019 research featuring Astarte immune cells and products.    Effect of comedications and endotoxins on mesenchymal stem cell secretomes, migratory and immunomodulatory capacity Durand et al. examine the effect of immunosuppressive drugs and lipopolysaccharides/endotoxins on the secretory profile, migration towards […]

Strategies for Accurately Measuring Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

As the basic mechanism that allows our bodies to identify, target, and kill infected or damaged cells, cell-mediated cytotoxicity is an essential function of our immune system and one that scientists continue to explore to develop more advanced immunotherapies.  By better understanding the role of T cells and natural killer cells as effector cells and […]

A Tale of Two Assays: Recall Antigen vs. Antigen-Specific T Cell

We have published several detailed research protocols on our website to help you improve cell performance and optimize your experimental outputs.  Two of our protocols have garnered questions from our customers and readers. Namely, what’s the difference between the Recall Antigen Assay and the Antigen-Specific T Cell Assay?  In this post, we explain the different […]

Upcoming Webinar: The Mysterious World of Macrophages

Though macrophages were first described by Elie Metchnikoff in 1882, there are still plenty of mysteries associated with these versatile immune cells. We field many questions from curious scientists wanting to learn more about macrophages: What Are the Best Methods for Culturing These Cells? What’s the best culture medium?  Do you need to add serum? […]

Cells in Motion: Recent Patent Applications

Targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins containing IL-15 IL-15alpha and antigen binding domains Bernett, Matthew et al. “The present invention is directed to a novel targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins comprising an IL-15/IL-15Rα Fc fusion protein and an antigen binding domain Fc fusion proteins. In some instances, the antigen binding domain binds to CD8, NKG2A, or […]

Cells in Motion: Astarte Cells in 2018 Journal Articles & Patent Applications

The Astarte team is proud to support scientists around the world in pursuing their research goals, and we get excited every time a customer’s work is published. 2018 was a great year for us and our customers. Review some of the amazing journal articles and patent applications that came out over the past year using […]

Exploring the Effect of Culture Medium on Experimental Outcomes

The field of biosciences is rapidly evolving. From lab equipment to advances in human immune cell isolation, we rely on new methods and technology to break through our research barriers every day. But in our state of constant evolution, one thing has remained largely unchanged for several decades: culture medium. When you stop to think […]