Anti Influenza (M1) T Cells, HLA-A*0201-Restricted

Donor #: 401
Size: 1-2M cells/vial
Price: $525.00
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Product Details

Blood Type: ANeg
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Donor Health: Healthy
Anticoagulant: Unknown
HLA-A: 02:01,02:01
HLA-B: 18,40
HLA-C: 03,07
HLA-DRβ 1: 03,04

Additional Donor Information:

These cells are specific for the peptide sequence GILGFVFTL, found in the matrix protein of influenza virus. The peptide is presented (bound by) HLA-A*0201

Healthy female non-smoker. She takes Flonase for seasonal allergies. Genotype at FcgRIIIa is F/F

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