Influenza M1 Peptide New

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Description: M1 peptide is a synthetic peptide represents residues 58-66 of the influenza A matrix protein. In HLA-A*0201 subjects the CD8+ CTL response is dominated by cells expressing Vβ17 and responding to this peptide. Structure: The sequence of the peptide is GILGFVFTL Storage: Store frozen at ≤minus 20oC Activity: The optimum concentration depends on the specific use of the peptide. To stimulate PBMC, concentrations of 1-10 ug/mL are appropriate. Specific T cell clones and lines respond well to much lower concentrations. References Moss PA, Moots RJ, Rosenberg WM, et al. (1991) Extensive conservation of alpha and beta chains of the human T-cell antigen receptor recognizing HLA-A2 and influenza A matrix peptide. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. 88:8987. Lehner PJ, Wang EC, Moss PA, et al. (1995) Human HLA-A0201-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte recognition of influenza is dominated by T cells bearing the V beta 17 gene segment. J Exp Med. 181:79

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