About Human and Animal Immune Cells


Our top priority is the quality of our cells. Whether you’re an academic researcher, immunologist, or pharmaceutical researcher, your outcomes depend on the purity, viability and functionality of our cells. We take that seriously. All of our cell products are:

  • Tested for cell count, viability and function
  • Purified and characterized by flow cytometric analysis
  • HLA typed (if applicable)
  • Characterized by FcγRIII genotype (if available)

For autoimmune donors, we provide information on the duration of their illness and prescribed medications. We also check for the presence of autoantibodies characteristic of each disease, though these are not always present. In addition to our human cell products, we have a selection of primary and early passage animal cell cultures. Our mouse cells complement our human immune cell products since they include macrophages, bone marrow, spleen, dendritic and T regulatory cells . Bovine chondrocytes can be used for studying synthesis of cartilage and bovine corneal endothelial cells can be used in studying diseases of the eye.

About Our Donors

We are committed to protecting the rights and privacy of those who participate in our blood collection program. To learn more about the characteristics of our donors, see the Certificates of Analysis found in the individual product listings.