About Leukapheresis Products


Our leukapheresis products typically contain 5 to 20 billion white blood cells — depending on the volume of blood processed during leukapheresis — as well as plasma, some platelets, and very few red blood cells.

Leukopaks, as they are commonly known, are beneficial to researchers who need a steady supply of mononuclear cells (e.g., lymphocytes and monocytes) as raw materials for research and development. Leukopaks are used in all aspects of cellular therapy manufacturing, including gene insertion, cell maturation, and differentiation to confirm reproducibility and viability for large scale production.

Leukopaks are especially valuable for researchers who require a large quantity of cells from one donor or for those developing cell-based therapies (e.g., CAR-T, CAR-NK, dendritic cell vaccine).


Our leukapheresis products are usually collected, packaged, and shipped all in the same day for fresh overnight delivery. We can ship your products de novo, process them to remove contaminating platelets and/or red blood cells, or add autologous plasma to aid in viability.

We package our leukapheresis products to maintain a temperature between 1°C and 10°C or between 20°C and 24°C during shipment depending on customer specification. Continuous temperature monitoring data tracking devices are available for use upon request.