Now Available: The Researcher’s Guide to Stem Cells

We field a ton of questions from research scientists related to stem cells. While the use cases for stem cells are vast, many researchers aren’t exactly sure where to start, especially if they’ve never worked with these powerful hematopoietic cells before. That’s why we’ve created a simple guide to answer some of our most frequently […]

Useful Tools in Immunology:

The Online Mendelian Inheritance in ManⓇ website, or OMIMⓇ, is a publicly available catalog of over 15,000 human genes and all known genetic disorders updated daily by the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Intended for physician and research use, OMIM is a searchable index of clinical features, phenotypes, genes, and more. […]

Upcoming Webinar: The Mysterious World of Macrophages

Though macrophages were first described by Elie Metchnikoff in 1882, there are still plenty of mysteries associated with these versatile immune cells. We field many questions from curious scientists wanting to learn more about macrophages: What Are the Best Methods for Culturing These Cells? What’s the best culture medium?  Do you need to add serum? […]

Immunology for Non-Immunologists: Cytokine Measurement

What Are Cytokine Measurement Assays? Cytokine measurement assays are sensitive measures for both primary cell assays and purified antigen-specific cultures. Detecting the presence of cytokines — small proteins that are secreted by immune cells to signal an immune or inflammatory response — can help researchers better understand how our bodies respond to invading pathogens. Common […]

Cells in Motion: Recent Patent Applications

Targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins containing IL-15 IL-15alpha and antigen binding domains Bernett, Matthew et al. “The present invention is directed to a novel targeted heterodimeric Fc fusion proteins comprising an IL-15/IL-15Rα Fc fusion protein and an antigen binding domain Fc fusion proteins. In some instances, the antigen binding domain binds to CD8, NKG2A, or […]

What Are Irradiated PBMC? Learn About Our Newest Product.

Sometimes researchers need access to the components and benefits of normal peripheral blood mononuclear cells, but don’t want the cells to proliferate in their experiments. That’s where irradiated PBMC come in handy. Learn more about our newest immune cell product below. What Are Irradiated PBMC? Irradiated PBMC are normal PBMC that have been exposed to […]

What We Learned at AACR 2019

We all know that CAR-T therapies and immune checkpoint inhibitors are game-changers for oncology, and both were on display at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting held in Atlanta last week. Although both therapies have produced spectacular results in some patients, neither work for all patients and efforts must now turn to understanding […]

Ask A Scientist: Immunology Acronym Confusion

With so many acronyms used in the field of immunology, things can get confusing and mistakes can be costly. Acronyms are useful devices to reduce long, sometimes tongue-twisting terms into manageable shorthand, but do add confusion to those newer to the field.    We’ve cleared up several of these situations through the years via our […]