New Evidence of Oxidative Burst in Neutrophils

Neutrophils are known for the oxidative burst released during phagocytosis, which demonstrates the intracellular killing mechanism that is key to the function of the immune system. Until now, we were not able to demonstrate this oxidative burst in our cryopreserved neutrophil products even though we knew they were capable of phagocytosis. Improved Isolation Methods Our […]

Ask A Scientist: How Does the Microenvironment Affect Dendritic Cell Function?

Dendritic cells (DCs) are a family of immune cells with a central role in directing and maintaining the balance of our immune system. On one end, DCs are efficient antigen-presenting cells and activators of immune effectors, such as T cells and B cells, in response to foreign bodies such as pathogens, mismatched tissue transplant, and […]

Vote for the Next Astarte Immune Cell Product!

Our new product pipeline has always been driven by customer demand. Now we’re giving you the chance to recommend our next new product! Is there an immune cell product that would make your job easier? One that would vastly improve or expand your research capabilities? Something that you’ve never been able to find? Let us […]

Ask A Scientist: Is There an Alternative Measure of Autoimmune Disease Activity?

Many autoimmune diseases are characterized by the presence of antibodies to normal proteins. For example, in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), it’s typical to see antibodies to citrullinated peptides. In Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), antibodies to double-stranded DNA and other nuclear proteins are hallmarks of the disease. Physicians use these different antibody reactivity patterns to distinguish autoimmune […]

Astarte Biologics Earns Approved Supplier Status

The world’s largest life sciences companies often turn to established marketplaces to vet and verify suppliers of cell products and research services. Astarte Biologics was recently designated as an Approved Supplier by one of the most trusted marketplaces in the industry, Read the press release. As an Approved Supplier, has verified that we […]

A Simpler Way to Measure Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide (NO) was the first gas shown to impact normal bodily functions, including the immune system, earning it the Science Molecule of the Year award in 1992. In addition to the immune system, small amounts of NO in the body have also demonstrated effects on blood pressure, long-term memory, the nervous system, and several […]

Ask A Scientist: When Should I Use NK Cells or Cytotoxic T Cells?

Natural Killer cells, as their name suggests, are the prime example of cytotoxic cells. However, NK cells aren’t your only option for cytotoxicity. Activated CD8+ T cells are the classic example of cytotoxic T cells, but CD4+ T cells have also been demonstrated to kill their targets. In this post, we’ll dive into the different […]