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What’s better than saving time and making your ordering process easier? Getting free shipping! When you create a new online account with us, you’ll get free shipping on your first order. It’s that simple! Here’s how it works: 1. If you don’t already have an online account, create one in under a minute! No credit […]

Pharma News: Gilead Acquires Kite, HPV Vaccinations Up & Concussion Drug Research

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving and making headlines. Here are a few stories in the news recently. Gilead Purchases Kite Pharma for $11.9 Billion Set to close in Q4 2017, Gilead’s acquisition is the culmination of an effort to diversify their pipeline from hepatitis medications and become a player in the development of personalized […]

Ask A Scientist: What’s the Difference Between Naïve and Memory T Cells?

We’re often asked about naïve T cells and memory T cells; specifically if we have both types in our inventory. We do carry both types of CD4+ T cells from multiple donors, and savvy researchers know when to ask for each. Naïve T cells are essential components of the immune system that enable the body […]

Our New Guarantee & Dedication to Quality

At Astarte, we’re dedicated to providing quality immune cell products. Your research and innovations depend on our cells working as described. We’ve always stood behind our products, but wanted to make our dedication to quality even more transparent in our new guarantee: If your order does not match the specifications on the Certificate of Analysis, […]

Novartis Earns Unanimous Recommendation for FDA Approval of CAR-T Cell Therapy

We may not have to wait much longer for the first FDA-approved CAR-T cell therapy. The Food and Drug Administration’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) recently recommended Novartis’ CTL019 CAR-T cell therapy for FDA approval by unanimous decision, a major step forward for the groundbreaking biologic. CTL019, indicated for pediatric and young adult r/r B […]

Ask A Scientist: Can I Get the Same Product or Donor for Long-Term Projects?

ask a scientist

When you buy immune cell products, you want a supplier that is committed to providing quality cells using a sustainable business model. If you find a cell type or donor you need, you should be able to order the same product again and again until your research needs are met. At Astarte Biologics, we believe […]

New Research on PD-1 and PD-L1 Inhibitors

New research on PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors is raising questions on the positive and negative effects of popular cancer treatments, calling for further studies. PD-L1 Inhibits Chronic Pain in Mice Ru-Rong Ji (Duke University) and Yu-Qiu Zhang (Fudan University) have shown that PD-L1 can lessen acute and chronic pain when injected into mice. The team […]

3 Easy Ways to Find the Exact Cells You Need

Time is a precious resource for busy researchers and scientists. You know the exact cells and donor specifications you need, and you want to order them quickly and easily without scouring a lengthy inventory list. Now you can do just that, easier than ever! Check out our newly improved product filters and search functionality to […]

5 Tips to Culture and Activate Dendritic Cells

Antigen-presenting dendritic cells are an important factor in studying the immune system. If you already have dendritic cells (DC) in your lab, you can culture them to achieve a desired phenotype and activate them to recognize immune or inflammatory responses. 5 Tips for Dendritic Cell Culture and Activation 1. Avoid Transferring DC During Culture Dendritic […]

Ask A Scientist:
Are Your Blood Samples Collected Ethically?

ask a scientist

If you’ve ever purchased human cells for research, you’ve probably thought about the blood donors: Did my supplier source these samples responsibly? Did they follow ethical practices and recommended guidelines? If these cells were sourced unethically, will I get in trouble for using them? We’re here to give you some peace of mind and tips […]