Ask A Scientist: How Does Astarte Cryopreserve Cells?

As a buyer of human and animal immune cell products, you trust that your biomaterials will be handled with care and precision throughout the collection, processing, characterization, and cryopreservation processes. We understand how immensely important cell quality is to the efficacy and timeliness of your research efforts, which is why we are completely transparent with […]

Cells in Motion: New Research and Patent Applications

T-Scan: A genome-wide method for the systematic discovery of T cell epitopes Kula et al. describe a new method for discovering T cell epitopes that does not require the culture of T cells and allows for precise mapping of T cells to the peptides they recognize. Astarte Cells Used: PBMC Inhibitory effect of  Acer tegmentosum […]

Immunology for Non-Immunologists: Surface Antigen Expression

What Is Surface Antigen Expression? Surface antigens, or cell markers, are a handy way for scientists to classify cells based on cell type and function, which is beneficial for early-stage research as well as disease diagnosis and treatment.  The cluster of differentiation (CD) nomenclature was adopted in the early 1980s and serves as a global […]

Mice with Human Immune Systems: A Model for in Vivo Studies

Mice have long been used as a model system for studying the human immune system, from which many basic principles of immunology have been uncovered. As discoveries made using mouse models show promise for therapeutic development for human patients, human-mouse models can serve as an ideal model of the human immune system prior to clinical […]

Ask A Scientist: How Can I Use Antigen-Specific T Cells?

Antigen-specific T cells have many excellent use cases in the lab for early-stage research and discovery. As we continue to develop novel antigen-specific T cell lines — including those specific to tumors, diabetes, and viruses — more use cases are coming to light.  If you’re working in an academic or biopharma research lab, consider antigen-specific […]

The Researcher’s Guide to Utilizing PBMC

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) play a critical role in our understanding of the human immune system and developing life-saving and life-altering treatments. With plays in immunology, inflammation, toxicology, vaccination, and other fields, scientists in all areas need to have a deep understanding of this ready-made blend of innate and adaptive immune cells. We’ve created […]

Introducing T-Scan: A High-Throughput Platform for Identifying Antigens Recognized by T Cells

There is a new method for discovering T cell epitopes, recently detailed in a Cell article, T-Scan: A Genome-wide Method for the Systematic Discovery of T Cell Epitopes. T cell profiling technologies have long been a limitation to our understanding of T cell antigens, something that the creators of T-Scan hope to address.  How T-Scan […]