Comparison of Culture Media for In Vitro T Cell Expansion and Function: SITC 2018 Research

Our team recently presented our findings on the effect of culture medium and supplementation on T cell proliferation and function at SITC 2018. The research was well-received, and we thank each of you who stopped by to ask questions. If you weren’t at SITC or missed our presentation, the full abstract and poster are below. […]

Our First Tumor-Specific T Cell Line: Anti-Leukemia T Cells

Our scientists are excited to announce our first true tumor-specific T cell line! Our new anti-leukemia T cells have many applications in immunotherapy research. Why an Anti-Leukemia T Cell? Our newest T cell line recognizes the WT1 tumor antigen. WT1 gets its name from a gene that was originally discovered in Wilms’ tumor, a type […]

Immunology for Non-Immunologists: Challenges and Opportunities with Influenza Virus

Influenza is a complex, unpredictable virus that has kept scientists searching for more universal vaccinations and treatments to the deadly disease. Two mechanisms render the immune system ineffective in fighting the influenza virus: antigenic drift and antigenic shift. Antigenic Drift: Due to the lack of RNA proofreading enzymes, influenza virus genomes can accumulate mutations through […]

Save Time with Ready-to-Use Mast Cells

If you use mast cells for allergy or inflammation research, you have undoubtedly wasted time procuring stem cells or bone marrow cells from a specific human or mouse donor, adding the right protein and growth factor, culturing, and incubating before finally collecting the mast cells 2–3 weeks later. All before you could even start using […]

Ask A Scientist: What’s the Best Medium for Culturing Macrophages?

One of the most popular questions we get here at Astarte is which medium formulation is best for culturing human and mouse macrophages. We’ve tested many different media and methods over the years and have some insights to pass along. The Effect of Culture Medium on Human Macrophages Human monocytes are typically considered macrophages following […]

Webinar: How to Measure Immune Cell Activation

Did you miss our webinar on 14 Ways to Measure Immune Cell Activation? No problem! Access the webinar on-demand at any time here. View the webinar recording to learn about the four main categories of measuring immune cell activation, including the pros and cons of several specific assays. You’ll get our recommendations on when to […]

Exploring the Functions of NK Cells in Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Natural Killer (NK) cells are the innate immune system’s first and best defense against infections. Unlike cytotoxic T cells in the adaptive immune system that require genetic matching with the target cell, NK cells are pre-programmed with cytotoxic granules that can kill any type of infected target cell. The ability to rapidly respond to an […]

The Guide to Platelet-Derived Growth Factors

Growth factors are essential to immune system research as the mechanism through which we replicate and understand cell proliferation, differentiation, and growth in vitro. There are many growth factors from which to choose for in vitro research, but selecting the right growth factor is not always a clear decision. A Focus on Platelet-Derived Growth Factors […]

Upcoming Webinar: 14 Ways to Measure Immune Cell Activation

Activation of immune cells is the all-important first step in mounting an immune response. Immune cell activation is a popular area of research because so much happens that is key to the downstream goal of fighting infection, cancer and disease. There are many ways to measure immune cell activation, and they all have utility. Methods […]