How to Choose Between Serum and Plasma for Biomarker Testing

Many researchers are left wondering which sample type to use when testing biomarkers: serum or plasma? Serum and plasma are not the same and are not always interchangeable. Once you understand the differences between the two, you can better judge which is the best fit for your experiments. But even experienced scientists who know the […]

Ask A Scientist: Proteoglycans vs. Glycoproteins

The extracellular matrix is a complex combination of non-cellular materials that support biochemical and biomechanical processes in the tissues and organs. Among the components of the extracellular mix are two distinct types of biomolecules: proteoglycans and glycoproteins. Immunology researchers are primarily interested in these biomolecules due to their role in the human tissue processes and […]

Cells in Motion: PBMC Research

Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) play an essential role in immunology research. Three publications recently featured PBMC from Astarte Biologics to study a Zika virus vaccine and T cell immunotherapy methods. A DNA Vaccine Protects Human Immune Cells against Zika Virus Infection in Humanized Mice Guohua et al. found that a Zika virus vaccine elicited […]

A Guide to Laboratory Biosafety Levels

The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) sets the standard for biosafety levels and laboratory requirements in the United States. To mitigate the risk of infection and contamination from pathogenic microorganisms, the ABSA has developed four distinct biosafety levels that, when properly implemented, should contain harmful biological agents and prevent contamination. What Biosafety Level Should My […]

After SLAS2018: The Next Generation of Scientists

SLAS is one of those events that always leaves us reflective and inspired on our return trip home. This year, our chief scientist, Ben Tjoa, and I represented Astarte Biologics in San Diego. We met amazing scientists, had meaningful conversations, and heard from world leaders. SLAS2018 set a new attendance record — over 6,600 attendees […]

Everything You Need to Prepare Tissue Samples in One Kit

If your New Year’s resolution is to be more efficient in the lab, we’ve got exactly what you need to stick to your promises. Introducing our Tissue Digestion Kit! Our newest assay kit contains the key materials you need to prepare 10 tissue samples, including optimized assay buffer, instructions, and expected results. The only things […]

Gene Therapy News: FDA Approves First In Vivo Treatment

In 2017, we witnessed gene therapy breakthroughs up to the very end. In the final weeks of the year, the first in vivo gene therapy, Luxturna, was approved by the FDA. Luxturna is intended to improve sight for patients with rare forms of inherited vision loss. Luxturna is administered through a one-time injection into a […]

Ask A Scientist: What’s the Difference Between Primary and Immortalized Cells?

While most researchers today prefer primary cells for immunology, inflammation, and vaccination experiments due to the close match to in vivo function, immortalized cell lines still have advantages and preferred use cases. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two cell types. Understanding the Difference Primary cells are isolated directly from a […]